The farm

Delicious meals are prepared with quality fresh products. In order to continue the tradition and serve you only selected dishes, we produce at our own farm the majority of the products, which enter the kitchen of the Pod Lipite restaurant. 

The farm is located in the village of Osoitsa, on the southern slopes of Stara Planina. On an area of 1067 acres of farmland we grow the cereals, which we later use to prepare desserts, delicious bread, main courses, and starters. 
The farm also has two livestock facilities, registered with the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. Agronomists, veterinarians, breeders, and machine operators take care of the land and the animals.
Their skills and knowledge are complemented by modern equipment, thus allowing them to perform their duties with ease. 
The produce and dairy products from our farm are certified organic. 
At the Pod Lipite restaurant we know the precise origin of every product that we use to prepare the food we serve you. 

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