About our livestock

We produce all the meat including the ground meat and the cured meats, which we serve at our restaurant. Our livestock facilities are registered with the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and produce the following products:

Dairy cows (some of them are of the Monbelyard breed, imported from France), heifers for breeding, and calves;
Sheep, goats,  and cattle;
Horses – registered with the National Horse Breeding Association and cared for by a qualified horse jockey. 

The food – roughage feed and grain are also produced at the farm. During the summer the cows and the young livestock for breeding roam freely and are taken to pasture (the pastures are owned by us as well). 
A number of experts from different areas work on ensuring the health and wellbeing of our livestock. This guarantees that the meat, which we use to prepare all our dishes, is of excellent quality. 

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